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NC Health Insurance – Get Vision Coverage Now!

Monday, December 5th, 2016

The patient during an eye examination at the eye clinicDid you know that most health insurance plans do not cover routine eye exams, glasses or contact lenses?  If you recently enrolled or intend to enroll a health plan for 2017, you may want to consider adding a vision plan.  Regardless of your age or health, routine eye exams are an important part of practicing preventive health care.  Even if you think your eyes are in great shape, an eye exam can help your doctor see potential problems you may not notice.  Unfortunately, many ACA health insurance plans do not offer vision coverage and this can leave you with a big gap in coverage and a lot of potential out-of-pocket costs.  Having a vision insurance plan can assist you in maintaining routine eye care and will even help pay for contacts and glasses should you need them.

Eye exams are especially important for young children because they can help ensure that eyes are developing normally and can assist parents in identifying any problems with vision a young child may have, but not be able to express.  In addition, during a comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will not only determine if you need prescription glasses or contacts, but also check for diseases of the eye such as glaucoma.

For as little as $11.40 a month, you can make sure your eyes are covered and can save hundreds of dollars on contacts, glasses and more.  A vision plan is a smart and inexpensive way to protect one of your most important assets – your eyes!

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BCBSNC and Walgreeens Form New Alliance

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

Walgreens Drug Store SignBlue Cross Blue Shield NC, in conjunction with Blue Prime, recently announced a new alliance with Walgreens, one of the nation’s largest drugstore chains.  This alliance initiates a 10-year retail pharmacy agreement based on a “simple, low-cost approach” intended to provide savings to clients and BCBSNC members.  This agreement will be in effect as of January 1, 2017 and will include a Prime and Walgreens home delivery for prescription medications.  The agreement is not exclusive, meaning BCBSNC members will still have access to other pharmacies in addition to Walgreens.

The good news for North Carolina residents is that Walgreens has more than 260 store locations throughout the state and over 8000 locations nationwide.  That means more convenient access to the prescription drugs you need at a cost you can afford.  Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina continues to partner with health care providers such as Walgreens to help ensure members have the quality healthcare they deserve.

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Reduce Health Care Costs – Prescription Discount Card

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2016

Student thinking with question marks on blackboard. Asian femaleWith health insurance premiums on the rise, people are looking for creative solutions to help alleviate the financial burden of health care expenses.  If you are currently uninsured, but need some relief when it comes to paying for medical expenses and prescription drugs, a Prescription Discount Card could be the solution.  The Discount Card is not traditional health insurance, but it can help you save 10-50% on qualified health care services. In addition, your Discount Card can help save you money on weight management programs, fitness centers, and other wellness-related products and services.

As a Discount Card member, you will receive discounts on all sorts of health care products and services from participating health care professionals, including retail chains and online providers.  This includes doctor visits, urgent care, specialists, physical therapy and more.  You can also save 18-20% on generic and name brand prescription drugs at leading drugstores and supermarkets, which sometimes price leading drugs below the discount rate.  With the minimum discount guarantee, however, you are guaranteed to receive the lowest price available at that drugstore or supermarket on that day (this guarantee does not apply to pharmacies), meaning you can be sure to get your prescription drugs at the most affordable price.   Your card can be used at drugstores nationwide, including Costco, K-Mart, Rite-Aid, Target, Walmart and many more.

The application process is simple and your Discount Card can be used to save on health care products and services for you, your spouse, and your dependent children.  Your Discount Card can also work in conjunction with other health plans you may have such as Critical Illness or Temporary Health.

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NC Health Insurance – Fill Coverage Gaps and Add Value to Your Existing Plan

Monday, July 18th, 2016

Old Calculator On White Background Showing Text "win - Win"Open Enrollment 2017 will not begin until November, but you still have options available to help fill gaps in coverage and add value to your existing coverage.  At NC Health Plans, we offer Critical Illness, Accident and Hospital Indemnity plans that can significantly reduce the out of pocket expense you could potentially incur because of high deductibles and coinsurance.  Because of the nature of the ACA and the rising cost in health insurance, many people chose health plans with high deductibles in order to reduce monthly premiums.  Although providing some relief on a monthly basis, these plans can create enormous financial stress should something unexpected happen.

Having an Accident, Critical Illness or Hospital Indemnity plan that pays directly to you a flat sum of money should you face one of these unexpected events can save you from potentially catastrophic health costs. In addition, none of these plans are connected to any specific network of providers so they will complement any traditional health insurance plan and you can receive care from any doctor or hospital you choose.

The application process is simple and each of these plans offer great benefits at a low price to help reduce your financial risk should you be faced with an unexpected illness, accident or hospitalization.  Traditional health insurance is a must, both in terms of the law and in order to ensure you are properly covered for illnesses, preventive care and other medical procedures, but traditional health insurance is not always enough.  At NC Health Plans, we offer a wide variety of insurance products to help fill the gaps left by traditional insurance and add value to your current health plan. (more…)

Vacation Season – Why Rest is Vital to your Health

Monday, June 20th, 2016

Portrait Of Three Generation Family On Beach HolidayAt NC Health Plans, we love summer!  But did you know that extended periods of rest are actually important to your health?  According to the New York Times, taking a vacation can actually improve your physical health and both men and women who take a vacation every two years compared to every six, will lesson the risk of coronary heart disease or heart attacks.  Elaine Eaker, author of a study by the Framingham Heart Study, confirms saying “this is real evidence that vacations are important to your physical health.”

Similar to exercise, which requires periods of strenuous activity followed by periods of rest to maximize training effects, periods of work combined with periods of relaxation maximize productivity.  According to, taking time off to rejuvenate will help insulate you from the symptoms of burnout that can arise from accumulated pressure making you “more creative and productive than your overworked, under-rested counterparts.”  Ellen Langer, a psychology professor at Harvard University told CNN that mindless, uninterrupted routines tend to result in boredom, which hinders creativity and mindfulness. (more…)

Breakfast Burgers in Bed – Happy Father’s Day!

Thursday, June 16th, 2016

637095_breakfast-burgers_s4x3.jpg.rend.sni12col.landscapeHappy Father’s Day from NC Health Plans!  Traditionally, breakfast in bed is a Mother’s Day kind of treat, but last year at Father’s Day we suggested trying it out for Dad and my kids loved it.  In fact, in our home my husband seems to have a lot easier time laying in bed all morning than I do, so I thought we would continue the tradition.

Breakfast, however, can be a tricky meal to provide for men as they often prefer something heartier and meatier than french toast and strawberries.  Luckily, I found this little Father’s Day treat from Food Network that I’m certain will please the Dad in your life, not to mention any kids who may be hoping to share a few bites of Dad’s breakfast in bed.

In my opinion, Breakfast Burgers are the perfect Father’s Day surprise and can be made easily using simple ingredients you probably already have in your refrigerator.  Get the recipe and get started!  This Father’s Day, show your appreciation for the guy who helps make life possible by letting him enjoy a delicious Breakfast Burger in bed.

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High Medical Deductibles Getting you Down? – Get Out of Pocket Protection

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

business, money, finance, people and banking concept - smiling wIf you are currently enrolled in a high deductible health plan and are looking for relief, the Out of Pocket Protection
Plan is an inexpensive way to eliminate or reduce high out of pocket healthcare expenses.  The Out of Pocket Protection Plan helps pay your deductible up to $6350 as well as other copayments, and the benefits are paid directly to you in addition to any other coverage you may have. As an added benefit, this plan offers an Emergency Accident Benefit that pays $250 in case of accidents, up to four times a year.  If you are confined in a hospital as a resident inpatient, the Out of Pocket Protection Plan will pay the inpatient benefit you select (either $100 or $200) for up to ten days per hospital confinement.  That could amount to thousands of dollars back in your pocket!

With NC health insurance premiums on the rise, many people have chosen to enroll a health plan with a higher deductible in order to make their monthly premium more affordable.  Many short term or temporary health plans also have high deductibles that can be difficult to meet.  Although high deductible plans are a good way to keep health insurance costs under control, when you or a family member actually needs health care, it can be a big hit to your wallet. (more…)

NC Health Insurance Deductible? – Here’s a Way to Eliminate It

Thursday, May 26th, 2016

people, business, finances and money concept - close up of businThe Out of Pocket Protection Plan is a simple, cost-effective solution for individuals and families now facing higher health insurance deductibles.  If you are currently enrolled in a health insurance plan with a deductible that is unaffordable or would cause financial pressure should you find yourself facing an unexpected accident or hospitalization, you can now virtually eliminate your deductible and ease your out of pocket expense.  In this ACA market, many NC health insurance plans now have deductibles of $3000, $5000, even $6000 and higher.  For most people, trying to meet such high out of pocket expenses is financially burdensome, if not crippling.  An Out of Pocket Protection Plan will put up to $6350 back in your pocket upon your first admission into the hospital and will pay up to $200 a day for up to 10 days of hospital confinement.

The math is simple.   (more…)

BCBSNC Supports Women’s Preventive Care

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Happy Moment

Did you know that more women die from strokes every year than men?  It’s true and it’s just one of the reasons Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is a huge advocate of women’s preventive health care.  In fact, every BCBSNC health plan offers preventive care covered at 100%, including a variety of services especially aimed at keeping women healthy.

When it comes to the risk of stroke, although some factors such as smoking, diabetes or obesity do not discriminate against age or gender, others do and there are some risks that are unique to women.  The following is a list of some of those special risks: (more…)

BCBSNC Preventive Care – The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Friday, September 25th, 2015

FullSizeRenderAt NChealthplans we love our pets!  This is a picture of Goose who regularly comes to work and makes our days at the office just a little bit brighter.  Pets make almost anywhere a happier place, but did you know that regular interaction with an animal can actually improve your health?  It’s true!  Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is a big proponent of preventive care and although your insurance policy won’t cover pet ownership as one of the benefits, pets can have a huge impact on your health.  In fact, surveys show that pet owners gain health benefits and visit the doctor 10% less than those without pets.  Pet owners have lower blood pressure, experience less sleep disorders and are in better overall physical condition than non-pet owners.  In addition, studies also indicate that acquiring a pet will actually increase the health of the pet owner, while pet owners whose pets die can actually suffer subsequent decreases in overall health and well-being.

Interestingly enough, any pet will do!  From horses to dogs to goldfish, any kind of pet can keep you healthier.  One of my son’s friends has  a hedgehog named Patches and honestly just looking at this little guy makes me feel better.

FullSizeRenderAlthough the exercise of walking a dog will obviously increase health benefits, it appears that what really matters when it comes to health and pet ownership is the companionship a pet provides.  Owning and caring for a pet provides both mental and physical stimulation, both of which contribute to healthier living. (more…)

Back To School – Up to Date on Vaccinations?

Thursday, August 20th, 2015

Little girl getting an injection or vaccine - closeupAugust means back to school, but did you know it is also recognized as National Immunization Awareness month?  Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina is proud to serve the residents of NC by providing health coverage for children and adults alike.  BCBSNC has made preventive care a top priority by covering preventive services at 100% so that you never have to worry whether or not your kids are receiving the health care they need. (more…)

Teenaged Drivers – What you Should Know

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015

As a licensed agent for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, I am almost always thinking about insurance and other health related issues.  This week, however, my first born started Driver’s Ed, making thoughts of health and accident insurance exponentially more personal as visions of my teenage son behind the wheel of a car have my heart palpitating and my blood pressure on the rise.  (more…)

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