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Kids and Dental Health – BCBSNC Dental Blue

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

Recently my ten-year old son had an accident on the playground and broke his two front teeth.  I had no idea bigstockphoto_unpleasant_procedure_4955112what to expect, but luckily our dental insurance covered most of the cost for an emergency exam, X-rays and bonding.  What could have been a huge expense wound up being almost minimal, but that experience got me thinking about the importance of dental coverage for kids.

First and foremost, I realized that having an established relationship with a dentist is surprisingly important for young children.  The day my son broke his teeth, he was scared, but the fact that he has been seeing our dentist bi-annually for the last few years made a huge difference in his comfort level and security.  A Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC dental plan covers the cost of preventive care dental visits at 100%, making it easy and affordable for you to establish that relationship.  Children can be on a family plan or a stand-alone individual plan.  Further, if you are on a family plan and insuring more than two family members, additional members are covered with no increase to your monthly premium.  That’s a good deal for growing families! (more…)

Hey Big Eyes! – Pediatric Vision Coverage from BCBSNC

Thursday, September 17th, 2015

Portrait of serious little boy with big brown eyes and blue glas

Because nothing is quite so nice as seeing a child’s eyes light up, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina offers vision coverage for children as a part of every BCBSNC health plan.  Our eyesight is one of the things we are most dependent on, but did you know that in young children vision problems aren’t always obvious?  (more…)

BCBSNC Covers Kids – Pediatric Dental and Vision

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Student In Front Of ChalkboardBlue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina wants you to know that your kids matter and we have them covered from head to toe with pediatric dental and vision benefits.  Pediatric dental and vision coverage, including orthodontia services, is considered one of the Affordable Care Act’s 10 essential health benefits required on all qualified health plans.  This coverage is no longer part of a separate Dental Blue policy, but rather included in Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina’s medical policies.  What this means is that you no longer have to purchase a separate dental policy for children under the age of 19 and pediatric vision benefits are embedded into your child’s medical plan, giving you the confidence of knowing your kids are covered.

Below is a general summary of the coverage you can expect; however, you should always review the benefit details of your individual policy.



  • One preventive eye exam per benefit period: (For individual plans copay or deductible/coninsurance apply depending on the plan)
  • One pair of lenses and frames or one pair of contact lenses covered at 50% after the deductible: (Disposable contact lenses are not covered)
  • The provider must file the claim for lenses and frames.


Diagnostic and Preventive Services: (oral evaluations, cleanings, X-rays, topical fluoride, sealants, and more)

  • In-network: $25 copayment
  • Out-of-network: $50 copayment

Basic/Major Services: (routine fillings, simple extractions, stainless steel crowns, surgical tooth removal, inlays, onlays, crowns, and more)

  • In-network: 20% after medical deductible
  • Out-of-network: 40% after medical deductible

Medically Necessary Orthodontia:

  • Covered the same as Basic/Major Services
  • 12 month waiting period (from the member’s effective date) applies

Whether your son needs eye glasses or your daughter needs sealants, BCBSNC is here to help with pediatric dental and vision coverage included in all health plans.  See what makes a Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina health plan the perfect coverage for you and your kids!

For more information on Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina health insurance coverage in North Carolina, please visit our website at or call our toll free number 888-765-5400 and speak with one of our experienced and professional agents.  Let us help you navigate through the Health Care Reform changes in accordance with the new regulations of The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obama care.




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