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Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC FREE RATE QUOTE

Saturday, March 8th, 2014

bigstock--Free-Quote-blue-button-32217869Affordable Care Act Open Enrollment ends March 31. 2014.  You need to purchase your new health insurance policy before the Open Enrollment period ends, if you plan to purchase through the exchange, or face a penalty. GET YOUR FREE RATE QUOTE AND APPLY TODAY for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina.

You will not have the opportunity to enroll again until  the next Open Enrollment starting November 2014 for coverage that starts January 1st, 2015. That means you cannot wait for a medical need to enroll.

Blue Advantage plans are available in all metallic levels: bronze, silver, gold and platinum. The levels differ by how much of your medical costs a plan will pay on average. They are based on approximate values for standard medical expenses.  If you qualify for a subsidy through the Marketplace, it could significantly decrease the amount of your monthly premium for your Blue Cross coverage.

For more information on health insurance coverage in North Carolina, please visit our website at or call our toll free number 888-765-5400 and speak with one of our professional agents. Our agency provides coverage for health insurance in North Carolina through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC). It would be our pleasure to help you navigate through the Health Care Reform changes in accordance with the new regulations of Obama care. Call us for details.