Know your Network- Blue Cross NC Health Insurance in 2019

When shopping the health insurance market, you will discover many terms used to describe health insurance plans. As you read about options with Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, one of the most important terms to understand is that used to describe the network. The “Network” refers to the group of doctors and medical facilities which accept your plan. Knowing and understanding your network helps predict what to expect when utilizing your health plan throughout the year. As you learn about network options through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, you will be able to better determine what plan is best for you and your family. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina names each plan after the associated network.

Blue Advantage and Blue Select

Blue Advantage and Blue Select are the names used to describe the largest network of doctors and hospitals available under Blue Cross NC plans. The Blue Advantage network is the broadest network, with over 95% of doctors and hospitals in North Carolina. Like Blue Advantage plans, Blue Select plans are also a broad network plan. However, the Blue Select network is broken down into two tiers. Blue Select policy holders will find that a bit more management is required when determining a facilities tier. For example, one may have different copayments for specialist visits depending on if they visit a Tier 1 or Tier 2 provider.

Blue Value

The Blue Value network option is a more limited network than Blue Advantage or Blue Select. However, enrolling in a Blue Value plan can help you save money. Where these plans lack in flexibility to see a broad network of doctors and facilities, you will find that Blue Value options offer lower monthly premiums. If your zip code falls  within the Triangle region of North Carolina, you will find the Blue Value plans are with UNC Health Alliance. Doing your research and checking to see if your doctor is in-network is necessary when enrolling in a Blue Value plan. If you are planning on visiting a specific doctor, specialist, or medical facility, it is a good idea to call the provider to confirm the network.

Blue Local

Blue Local with Atrium Health is the most limited of the four BCBSNC networks. This network with Atrium Health (also known as Carolinas HealthCare System) is available to Charlotte-area residents, including Anson, Cabarrus, Cleveland, Gaston, Lincoln, Mecklenburg, Rowan, Stanley, and Union County. Like the Blue Value network, enrolling in a Blue Local plan will be a less expensive plan option, but have a more restrictive network. If you were to visit a doctor or facility outside of Atrium Health, then you would pay out-of-network rates.

Understanding these four network options will give you a great advantage when navigating available health insurance plans. A little research could potentially translate to savings on monthly premiums and the cost of care. CLICK HERE to generate a custom quote and discover what BCBSNC network options are available to you.

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