Short Term also known as Temporary health insurance is a fast, affordable and easy solution for people who are currently without health coverage.  Short-term health insurance plans are generally less expensive than qualified health plans under the AFFORDABLE CARE ACT and do not offer the same level of coverage.  Short term health insurance plans are intended for people who do not want to enroll in major medical insurance or who need temporary form of limited coverage before they obtain major medical health insurance.  Among other limitations and exclusions, short term health insurance plans generally do not cover pre-existing conditions that exist at the time of application or the minimum essential coverage of the ACA.

Short-term health insurance plans are limited in duration and you will stop receiving benefits when the plan expires. Plan duration and whether you can renew or buy a new plan after plan expiration depend on the plan you choose and the laws in your particular state. After a short-term plan expires, you must reapply to receive further benefits. If you are accepted for an additional term under a short-term health insurance plan, the plan’s deductible and other amounts reset so that amounts paid (or the satisfaction of conditions) under the initial plan are ignored.

APPLY TODAY and coverage can begin tomorrow if you qualify to enroll in a plan. Call NC Health Plans/ Jerry Ballard & Associates today at our toll free number 888-765-5400 to talk with one of our qualified representatives.

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