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Health Insurance in North Carolina- Change Expected to Continue

bigstockphoto_questions_and_answers_signpost_4006719In early 2017, the North Carolina health insurance landscape is again expecting change.  The past several years have created an individual health insurance market unlike anything North Carolinian’s have seen before.  The full implementation of the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare” in 2014 led insurance companies to make changes to the way they offered, sold, and priced insurance plans.  Individuals and families were forced to adapt to the changes in the plans offered and how they enrolled in these new plans.  Additionally, the Federal Government was in a central, governing position which impacted both the companies and the customers that purchased these plans.  Over the course of a few years, North Carolinian’s weathered the storm.  These changes have impacted our rates for the plans, doctor and hospital networks, the available insurance companies in our state and many other components of the North Carolina insurance market.

Now as we reflect on the impacts of the ACA, we eagerly await what to expect around the next corner.  With a new Presidential Administration and a new Governor, North Carolinian’s again expect more change.  Opinions, intentions, and some directions receive the most attention right now, but there are still more questions than answers about what we can expect over the years to come.  Terms like repeal and replace, Obamacare vs. Trumpcare, pre-existing conditions, subsidies and many others are often used to explain the current landscape and the possibilities for a new healthcare system.  However, the complexity of these topics and the countless possibilities make the details and makeup of a different system difficult to predict.

The best news, after the past several years, is that the health insurance industry not only better understands change now, but has learned to embrace and adapt to change.  As advisors within this complex industry, we will be the first to say, that is often no easy job for consumers or companies.    Despite all this discussion of change, one constant is our promise to our customers.  We are committed to advising North Carolinian’s and helping them find the right coverage for themselves and the people they care about.  Our goal at NC Health Plans is to continue to navigate and understand the ever changing medical insurance options and deliver this information to the people most impacted.

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