The Benefits of Term Life Insurance – It Pays to be Covered

Happy Young Family Under An Umbrella In An Autumn ParkAffordability and simplicity are two of the most obvious benefits to a Term Life Insurance Policy, which is why we at NC Health Plans are pleased to offer Term Life Safeguard to our clients.  If your income is essential to your family’s financial security, then a Term Life policy can not only help alleviate financial stress, it can provide peace of mind to your loved ones should something unforeseen happen.  Term Life Safeguard can be purchased as a life insurance policy alone, or the policy allows for a Critical Illness rider to be added.  Term Life with Critical Illness provides relief to your family either upon your death or if your death is preceded by a critical illness that leaves your family with expensive medical bills.

Term Life Safeguard is a budget-friendly life insurance policy in which you can designate the number of years (10 or 20) as well as the benefit amount ($30K to $200K) to help ease the financial stress your family would face in the event of your death.  A cash benefit is paid directly to your beneficiaries for the amount you designate.  At the end of your policy term, you may choose to continue coverage on a yearly basis until age 75.  The Critical Illness benefit is available if you are diagnosed with a qualifying critical illness, such as heart attack or life-threatening cancer (details provided in the Summary of Benefits).

In addition, Term Life Safeguard utilizes a simplified underwriting process in which you will answer yes or no questions and you will not be subject to a physical examination. The application can be completed quickly and easily right online, making the purchase of Life Insurance simpler than ever.

Although it’s never pleasant to think about death, it’s important to consider whether or not your family would face financial hardship in the case of your death and what you can do now to make sure they are covered.  Having a Term Life with Critical Illness policy provides the comfort of knowing that should the worst happen, your family’s financial stability is safe.

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