Short Term Health Insurance – Summertime Health Plans for Students

Youth People Amity Summer Party Together ConceptSummertime is here and college students are heading home for a much needed break, but what about health insurance?  Although many colleges and universities offer student health insurance plans, most of those plans are only good for the school year, leaving students with a three month gap in coverage.  Because of the rules of the Affordable Care Act, these students cannot simply apply for another health plan outside of Open Enrollment, so what is available to them?  The answer is temporary health insurance.

A temporary health plan can fill gaps in coverage and also offers students the ability to enroll in health insurance when they need it.  In fact, these plans can be in effect as soon as the very next day and are typically very affordable. In addition, you can select temporary coverage anywhere from 1 to 11 months and you can choose to make one lump sum payment or pay monthly, whichever works best.  Short term plans ensure that students have the coverage they need over summer months when they are working part-time jobs that usually don’t provide health insurance and when students are more active than ever.

If you are a student experiencing a gap in coverage or if you are the parent of a college student who is facing a summer without health insurance, consider enrolling in a temporary health plan.  Keep in mind you must be 19 years old to be on a stand-alone short term plan and these plans will not cover preexisting conditions.  For most young college students, however, temporary insurance is a perfect way to maintain health insurance during the summer months.

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