Easy, Healthy Back to School Breakfast


It’s back to school time again and I don’t know about you, but one of the toughest parts is making sure my kids eat a healthy, high-protein breakfast before rushing out the door just after 7 am.  Studies show that children need a good, preferably protein-based breakfast in order to achieve optimum success in school, but as a working mother of four, this can be a challenge.  I need something quick, tasty and easy to prepare as well as something I can make ahead of time and refrigerate or freeze.  This recipe for Egg Muffins from Recipe Girl is my all time favorite for busy school mornings when kids are dragging and may wind up having to eat in the car.

I usually make these muffins the night before and refrigerate them overnight.  My kids heat them up in the microwave and usually eat while trying to find their soccer cleats or the permission slip that needs to be signed.  The good news is these protein filled egg muffins are simple and also delicious.  My children absolutely love them and will often even ask me to put a second (or third) one in their lunch for that day as well.  And with this snack, I never have to worry about receiving a nasty gram from the school chiding me about the nutritional content of my child’s lunchbox.  For me, that’s a serious win.

This recipe calls for sausage, but I often substitute ham or bacon and I sometimes even put bread crumbs on the bottom just to add another layer.  You can add any vegetables your kids like or sneak in the ones they don’t, and if you add enough cheese, they will hardly notice.

Eating well is such an important part of maintaining health and a nutritious breakfast can give your kids the energy they need to start their day off right.  NC Health Plans wishes you a successful back to school and encourages you to teach your kids the importance of preventive care!

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