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Horseback Riding Is Great Exercise for your Children

Many children are enamored with horses and long for riding lessons. Horseback riding can be a great pleasure providing terrific exercise for young riders (as well as the horses!). Often, children who learn to ride continue horseback riding into adulthood, helping to keep them fit and healthy.  Exposure to good fitness at an early age helps your children become fitness conscious through adulthood. 

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Recommendations for Safe, Fun Riding

While experts will stress that a child’s size, strength, ability to focus and take direction, and desire to learn horseback riding are the best indicators that they are ready to begin formal lessons, the typical age range for beginners is between 5-7 years old. Parents should make sure that their child wears proper attire, including long pants, sturdy shoes or boots, and most importantly, a well fitted safety helmet.  Children must be advised as to the importance of following all of the rules and asking questions if they have concerns or do not understand what is expected of them. Horse riding instructors who work with children are typically very patient and understanding, hoping to give children positive experiences in hopes that they will develop a lifelong appreciation of the sport.

Competitive Horseback Riding

Many stables that offer lessons hold occasional competitions, open to all riders, even beginners. Riders are normally categorised by age and ability, with inexperienced riders participating in walks and trots. More advanced riders may be offered the opportunity to showcase their skills in jumping and putting their horse through specified paces. If children choose to compete, parents and instructors should be sure that the emphasis remains on fun and sportsmanship, rather than only winning. Everyone likes to win, but kids should understand that the benefits of horseback riding go far beyond accumulating an assortment of ribbons and trophies. Horseback riding is great exercise, offers opportunities for fresh air fun, teaches responsibility and caring toward animals, and is enjoyed by people of all ages, making it an ideal family activity. 

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