How will the Presidential Election Affect NC Health Insurance?

Election In United States Of America. Voter Holds Envelope In HaThe current presidential campaign is big news, but how might the upcoming election affect the NC health insurance market?  As might be expected, the two presidential candidates, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, have very different ideas when it comes to healthcare policies, leaving many North Carolinians as well as other Americans wondering what might happen to their health insurance in the months to come.

Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has promised that should she win, she will work to improve the ACA markets by offering additional subsidies to offset the cost of health insurance as well as increase enrollment through aggressive marketing.  She has also suggested that she intends to pursue a public option on the federal Exchange, but many argue this would be a tough sell to Congress, even if the Democratic party takes control.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, has made it clear that he intends to shrink, though likely not completely abolish, the Affordable Care Act considerably.  Ending the individual mandate, eliminating ACA reforms such as minimal essential benefits and restructuring federal subsidies are a few of the ways he would likely begin.  Most experts agree that abolishing the Affordable Care Act would be a near impossibility now that millions of Americans are insured under ACA plans; however, under a Trump administration Americans would probably see a substantial overhaul of the current law.

With the presidential campaign in full-swing, one thing is for certain.  The Affordable Care Act, or “Obamacare,” is a hot topic and one that many Americans say is at the top of their list in terms of policy concerns for 2017.  At NC Health Plans, our goal is to help the residents of North Carolina navigate the ever-changing health insurance market and we will continue to do so whatever changes may come in 2017.  We make it our business to stay up-to-date on market changes as well as federal laws affecting health insurance, and strive to give our customers the information and tools needed to choose and enroll a health insurance plan with confidence and ease.

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