Other types of lower-cost health plans

Other types of lower-cost health plans

If you feel you’re not ready for the type of high-deductible plan, you have other options. There are other types of plans that have lower premiums and higher deductibles that allow you to make certain decisions about what benefits you really need. If there are some coverage benefits you may not need, such as brand-name prescriptions, you can choose a plan without that benefit. Some plans also offer limited doctor visits and others even come with traditional copayments for primary care visits, if you’re more comfortable with a traditional plan design.

How we can help

Now that you understand more about how high-deductible health plans work, and how they compare to traditional health plans, you may feel more confident about choosing a specific health plan. Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina offers high-deductible health plan options that can fit your health care needs and your budget. Your agent can explain your options and help you choose the plan that fits you best.

The local company you can trust

When you choose Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, you have peace of mind knowing you’re with a local company trusted by the people of North Carolina for more than 77 years. As the most preferred health care insurer in the state, we’ve also earned the trust of more North Carolinians than any other health care insurer.

For more information on health insurance coverage in North Carolina, please visit our website at or call our toll free number 888-765-5400 and speak with one of our professional agents. Our agency provides coverage for health insurance in North Carolina through Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC). You may qualify for a 15% healthy lifestyle discount if you are in excellent health. Call us for details.

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