Short Term Health Insurance in North Carolina

Short Term Health Insurance is an easy, cost-effective solution for people who are currently without sufficient coverage.

Get Quotes and Apply Online
30 to 360 Days of Coverage
Get Quotes and Apply Online
1 to 3 Years of Coverage

When to Consider Short Term Coverage:

  • Between jobs and without coverage
  • Turning 26 and aging off parent's plan
  • Waiting for Medicare to begin
  • Need proof of insurance coverage quickly
  • Missed Open Enrollment
  • Need Health Insurance for college enrollment

Short Term Plans are available from 30-360 days and provide the affordability and flexibility you may need during times of transition.

Benefits of Short Term Coverage:

  • Next day effective date
  • Inexpensive plan options
  • Copayments available on certain plans
  • Simple Online Application
  • Nationwide Network
  • Coverage in case of accident or illness

If you are without health insurance and need something quickly that can help fill the coverage gap, consider enrolling a Short Term Health Insurance Plan.

Short term health insurance plans are not ACA compliant and do not cover any pre-existing conditions. You may still be subject to a tax penalty.