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Health Insurance Cary NC

Jerry Ballard, the #1 top producing independent insurance agent1,2 for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina® in individual sales for 10 consecutive years, leads an impressive team dedicated to providing superb service to all of the Agency’s customers. The team includes Cathy Ballard, Amanda Morrow, Kennon Wainwright, Kristen Baily and Kara Withee. Jerry Ballard & Associates, Inc. has also been awarded by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina® membership in its President’s Club as a top agent every year since its inception, and is a Charter Member of that exclusive group.

Cathy Ballard has been with the Agency for more than a decade, initially focusing on customer service before adding individual sales to her duties. Despite these dual responsibilities, Cathy has become a strong sales performer, without sacrificing her focus on addressing customer needs, while assuring that the Agency’s attention to administrative detail is impeccable. Her many years running the administrative functions of a law firm have proven invaluable. Amanda Morrow is also a valuable and experienced member of the Ballard team, having worked with the Agency for nearly a decade. Our clients have found her attention to service issues exemplary, while her sales knowledge has assured her success as a part of our sales team. Kennon Wainwright has brought years of diverse insurance experience to aid our clients. Not only is he licensed in Health, where he now specializes, but he also holds licenses in the Life, Medicare, Long Term Care and Property & Casualty fields. His outstanding communication skills, combined with expert product knowledge and great work ethic, assure our clients a pleasant and productive relationship. Kristen Baily has recently joined our agency as a Customer Service & Sales Representative and is licensed in both life and health. Kristen is looking forward to providing residents of North Carolina with the knowledge and guidance needed to navigate through the Marketplace to determine subsidy eligibility and help select the best Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC products that meet their health insurance needs. Kara Withee has recently joined Jerry Ballard and Associates as a Customer Service Representative and Sales Associate for Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC). Kara brings both personable and professional assistance to the health care industry and the residents of North Carolina and is excited to assist you selecting the best plan for you and your family.

Insurance has become increasingly complex, and with features of the Affordable Care Act being phased in, it takes trained, experienced agents to fit individual needs to the plan that works best. Our Agency offers a variety of individual property lines, including Blue Advantage, Blue Options HSA, DentalBlue, and Small Group Health Insurance Plans; our agents know how best to match those plans with the coverage needs and budget constraints of each and every customer.

Jerry Ballard & Associates couples outstanding individual customer service with the technological sophistication that allows customers the best of both worlds--quick and accurate information via and ready access to a knowledgeable agent using its toll free number 888-765-5400. Without leaving your home or office, you will be surprised how quickly and easily you can find the best North Carolina health plan for you, your family and your business. Contact Jerry Ballard and his trained and experienced staff to get all of your questions answered.

Prior to the mid-1850s, Cary was an open agricultural community with little growth and very little trade. When the North Carolina Railroad built a line through Cary, however, the town began to see real growth as trade and activity increased. This growth spurt was quickly cut off, though, with the outbreak of the American Civil War.

After the war, the town began to look ahead to its future once again. It is estimated that when Cary was incorporated in 1871, the population was less than 150. Interest in Cary soon started to rise, however, and local businesses began to open their doors. Manufacturing was the largest sector until the 1920s, when retail businesses cropped up to serve the needs of travelers. During this time, Cary established its infrastructure. Schools and churches grew, the fire station was opened and water and sewer systems were built.

Cary's population has grown from a few thousand to more than 100,000. The town is now one of the state's largest communities. Cary's proximity to Research Triangle Park and Raleigh has contributed greatly to its popularity, as has its outstanding public services. The Emergency Medical Services and police and fire departments are nationally accredited. Local government is proactive about a variety of issues to preserve Cary's high quality of living, including the improvement of education, water conservation and land conservation.

Anyone can celebrate the town's history at the Page-Walker Arts and History Center. Built in 1868 in the center of downtown, the building was originally a hotel. Now fully restored, the facility functions as an arts and history center which hosts classes, performances, meetings, exhibitions and other events.

You can enjoy Hemlock Bluffs Nature Preserve and Fred G. Bond Metro Park, Cary's large, local park facilities. Hemlock Bluffs consists of about 150 acres of land, including two miles of trails. Canada Hemlock trees typically thrive in much colder regions and are unusual this far south. Scientists believe that the vegetation here is a remnant of many years ago, before a warming trend caused most of the local hemlock to die out.

Fred G. Bond Metro Park is 310 acres of recreational land located in the middle of the city, which include athletic fields, picnic areas, walking trails, an amphitheater, playground equipment, and a community and senior center on site. There is also a lake, boathouse and a D.A.R.E ropes course for visitors to enjoy.

A high emphasis is placed on education in Cary. The Wake County Public School System is known for its high academic standards and fine schools. The majority of adult residents hold college degrees and parents enjoy Cary's proximity to several major universities. Duke, North Carolina State and the University of North Carolina are all within 30 minutes away.

Cary residents and officials pride themselves on the high standard of living they are able to maintain. This standard is expressed in the town's cleanliness and well-planned growth as it evolves into a large, respected community.

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